Why is it so ??

Why is it so that the D. M. A. sore fit to close the “Wool Wash Swamp”
between Rushworth and Stanhope for the Duck shooting season because there
were Freckled Ducks living there only to open it again last week to shooters
with only a few days left of the open season ?

Because the Freckled Ducks weren’t there when they looked doesn’t say they
aren’t across the road on the big dam in Bakers Homestead where they often
go, there were several Freckled Duck on the water at the Fauna Park in
Kyabram a few weeks ago when I was down, which is not that far away.

The Wool Wash Swamp has a large flock of Australasian Shovelers on it and
they have been there since well before opening day, the largest flock seen
in the area for many years.

I can’t see the sense of opening it now as Shovelers are now on the
protected list and as the water has receded a lot, the area for them to seek
refuge is greatly reduced.


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