White-throated Needletails drifting over ridge-line at Kobble Creek , SEQ

Six WTNTs were observed early this morning lazily drifting overhead the
ridgeline and property in the space of 10 minutes from 6.30am (-27 14′ S /
152 47′ E). Hard to say which direction they came from and which direction
they headed off in as it was more of a wide circular drift; slow and
unhurried as loose individuals.

Again the same at 9.36am – not sure if it’s the same group but it’s
interesting to note, and I recognise it enough to come outdoors to
investigate, the Noisy Miner’s are raising a kind of alarm call when the
WTNTs appear. Perhaps the shape of the Needletails lazily soaring looks
like a raptor to them.

Marie Tarrant
Kobble Creek, Qld

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