Wedge-tailed Eagles

It was very distressing to read Barney Enders Post re the poisoning of 136
Wedge-tailed Eagles
One would like to think that in 2018 after extensive Public education over
many years that all rational thinking Human beings would have been educated
enough to understand that these birds although capable of attacking live
animals eg lambs just do not do so, and if so one extremely rare occasions
I know I am speaking to the converted on this forum, But all i ask is that
those of us who are passionate about the conservation of Wedge-tailed
eagles will contact our local MPs , ministers for the environment etc when
cases like this occur, and also follow up the cases to see if the
perpetrators get the right penalty applied.
Although the State Gov Environment Departments clearly indicate that these
birds are protected by Law and severe penalties apply for wilfully killing
them, there is not a lot of obvious educational information disseminated on
the reasons why these protective laws are in place, and why we are trying
to conserve our native wildlife.

always optimistically

Milton Smith

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