**WANTED** Canon Camera Lens EF 400mmf/5.6 L USM

Hello to everyone!!


Unfortunately my trusty Canon lens has reached a sad state of non-repair – or at least the repair bill quoted by Canon is totally cost prohibitive!!


So I need your help PLEASE:

If anyone knows of a lens out there with the specs listed in the subject line, and that’s in good condition and is in need of a new home, then PLEASE let me know.


Unfortunately for me, Canon Aust have discontinued this product so a new one is not an option, however I am hopeful that somebody out there in Birding-Aus land has recently upgraded theirs and is willing to sell it to me for a reasonable price…

…or they may know of someone doing so…


If not, then I will have to look on E-bay, or go for a more expensive model new!!


Thanks to all, and I hope that all of you are in great health too…

Cheers for now,


Martin Cachard


Cairns, FNQ


Martin Cachard



Phone: +61 428 782 808


Email:  martin@martincachardbirding.com 




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