Superb Fairy wren feeding behaviour

My wife had this observation of SFWs outside her work nr Canberra Airport.
“I watched 7 superb wrens:  a piece of cheese was on the path, they took turns to peck bits off it.
One would peck then move to the left,
another flew in until there were 5.
They took turns pecking, always moving to the left after about 5 seconds of pecking; this allowed each to watch from all directions from the circle.
Another  bird watched from a low branch.
After the four had had their turn the bird on the perch had its turn and one flew up from the ground to take this watch.
A pedestrian strutted through them not even noticing them and they all went into the bushes off the path.
They didn't return to the cheese but just foraged in their group. It was too hard to see if they took turns eating if they found other food on the ground.
After about three minutes they came back to the cheese and continued eating it in turns.”
Pretty good tactics!
John L

John Leonard

‘There is kinship between people and all animals. Such is the Law.’ Kimberley lawmen (from Yorro Yorro)

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