Student filming – wildlife documentary

Dear Birding Australia,

I am a student from the National Film and Television School just outside
London in England studying a masters in Directing and Producing Science and
Natural History under Paul Reddish (

As part of my final year, I am making a half-hour documentary on the
eucalyptus forests of the Blue Mountains and some of the animals that live
and rely on them. I want to film some of the birds that interact with the
Autumn flowering Eucalyptus, but I am struggling to find exact locations
they are guaranteed to turn up. I am hoping you might be able to help me
find these locations as the local experts.

At the moment I am looking for the mistletoe bird, new holland honeyeaters,
honeyeater and their migrations, as well as any birds eating manna, lerp,
and honeydew. But if you have any other ideas of a bird that interacts with
eucalyptus, is easy to film and is guaranteed to turn up then please let me

Akos Lumnitzer recommended I contact you as he has worked with your members

I do hope you consider helping me with this project. I look forward to
hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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