Short-billed Dowitcher In the Pilbara

Hi Everyone,

My blog “Top Birds & Everyfing” died a sudden death somewhere in the blogosphere some time ago… and with it went all the posts and it was time to finish it anyway.

But being a glutton for punishment I have started a new one called using the Squarespace platform. It is a great platform but a little difficult to manage until I get the hang of it. The website called:

Arare Litus or

Its about art, life and all things that defy gravity…

… anyway, happened by chance to see what I after considerable research I reckon is a Short-billed Dowitcher and so that is my first bird post on my new website.

This link should take you there. If it get to there front page click the blank square labelled birds. Hopefully I can make it a little better presented. Excuse the quality of the one photo. I have others but as get haven’t been able to work out how to include the extra ones in the post… when my grand-daughter comes to visit at Christmas I’m sure she’ll show me how.

PS. The art will be available for sale when I can figure out how to do it.

Kind regards

Chris Shaw
+61 0 409 675912

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