Repairs to Bushnell binoculars – Melbourne

Hi folks, Bill here

A colleague wandered past last night and asked me (as a “known
birdwatcher”) whether it’s possible to get a pair of Bushnell bins repaired
– it seems “something” happened to the bins some time ago, but in a house
of kids it’s hard to know what exactly happened. The collimation is OK, but
focus mechanism seems to have frozen.

I’ve looked at the Bushnell website which redirects the reader to a Sydney
phone number or a Tasco email.

Does anyone know if there’s a place my colleague can physically take the
bins to in Melbourne? He’d like to know whether it’s worth repairing them
rather than posting them to Sydney only to find out they’re cactus.

The alternative, I guess, is to take them to a camera servicing place like
(my favourite) Shutterbox in Camberwell. They’ll at least have the tools
and expertise required to give it a go. Wopuld people think this is a valid

Any advice, I’m sure, he’d appreciate.

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