queries about NZ

Wondering if someone can help me with these queries.
I am thinking of going to NZ in October, flying in to Wellington, then taking the ferry to the South Island, for the pelagic birds, then picking up a car and driving round down the west coast to the Mt Cook area to see the glaciers, then back to Christchurch via Arthur's Pass.
1. Are King Shags ever seen from the ferry, is there a spot nr Picton you can see them from without having to go on a boat trip or long walk?
2. I have heard that Wekas are common at Westport, where in particular about the town? Are they common enough in the areas I am going to to see them without going to Westport specifically?
3. Does anyone have a good spot for Yellow-crowned Parakeet in the areas I am going to be driving through?
4. The Rock Wrens at Arthur's Pass sound difficult to find, are there any sites in the Mt Cook NP area for this sp?
5. Anywhere I'd be silly to miss birdwise on this route?

John Leonard

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