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I will be presenting a couple of papers at the University of SA on May 3, both of which are relevant to avitourism (birdwatching is generally included under the aegis of ecotourism).

a) Avitourism – Eudaimonic Or Hedonic, Serious Or Casual? An Exploration Of The Behaviour And Experiences Of Couples Who Travel Internationally To Watch Birds.
This paper is based on a mixed methods study of US birders who travel internationally with their spouse.

Does the relationship affect their different leisure and travel interests?

b) When The Feeling Is Anything But Happiness: An Exploration Of Negative Emotions Within Hedonic Ecotourism
The existing literature on tourism has largely concentrated on experiences that induce a feeling of hedonic well-being, and yet events can occur which induce negative feelings such as unhappiness. Autoethnography and a narrative approach were utilised in this paper, the author drawing on her experience as a guide of birdwatchers and ecotourists.

Negative reactions include the responses of ecotourists appalled when they witnessed a riot among the Asmat of West Papua, and others the ramming of a large crocodile with a tour boat. On the other hand, there were positive responses to what would typically be regarded as negative experiences: when the author failed in an attempt to resuscitate a wallaby joey, and reactions to a story about a dead baby and its Aboriginal mother.

The findings contribute to the theories mentioned to ecotourism and couples. As well the positive reactions of participants to negative experiences add a further degree of complexity to the classification of leisure as hedonic or eudaimonic.

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