Painted Snipe – Homebush

Saw the female Painted Snipe this morning in the rain at the Triangle Pond, Homebush. Water levels very high – scoured the pond, also going along the other two sides (the road) and also tried to peer through the casuarinas on the other side to see the bigger lake to no avail. Met Tony Palliser arriving just as I was leaving and then Tony spotted it in flight – we watched it in flight for quite a while and quite closely, but it couldn’t find a spot to land due to water levels, but it did eventually settle for a few seconds only on some branches lying in the water. It then continued flying around and seemed to go round the back corner of the pond. Then it appeared again and flew over to the large lake and may have come down in the marshy near edge, but it’s very difficult to see through there. Maybe it will return to the triangle pond if we have a day or two of dry.


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