ONE RED-RUMPED SWALLOW with+/-20 Barn Swallows at Lower Daintree FNQ yesteday


hello all,

there have been a number of briders since Sunday behaving VERY poorly at this site where the lone adult Red-rumped Swallow has been residing along with a minimum of 30-odd Barn Swallows.


the resident who owns the property adjacent to and below the rig of powerlines has told me face to face last eveing while I was there at 5:30pm of some very disturbing, unethical and illegal displays of poor form.

this even includes the culprits, who are DEFINITELY birders, walking the full 50 mtr length of his

PRIVATE driveway without asking for his permission, just to get a ‘better’ look.

some of these individuals have parked themselves after such a walk within 5 mtrs of his home!!! some have even sat there and waited for the bird/s to show, often unsuccessful in seeing the red-rump…

this is ILLEGAL activity and it’s called trespassing. PLEASE STOP IT !!!

the best way to see these birds is to view them from the road side of the fenceline that runs parallel with Capt Cook Hwy, and to do this very early after sunrise, or after 5:15pm.

more on this later…

thank you,

martin cachard,

solar whisper wildlife cruises,

daintree river.

& trinity beach, cairns.

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Hello all,

the lone Red-rumped Swallow is still here on the very same wires where I first found it on Thurs 21/12/17.

I was checking out the site from 5:15pm-6pm yesterday, and it was nice to see it still there – I was beginning to think that it had moved on elsewhere having not seen it for about a week.

Evidently, it’s been there the whole time, and I had just missed it, and it was most likely on the wing nearby at the other times this past week that I had checked for it.

it seems very settled, and I would expect/hope it to stay there with the other swallows and martins for about another month.
well, hopefully anyway!

from memory, last season the 30+ Barn Swallows departed the Newell Beach site sometime mid-late Feb, so hopefully a similar departure date may occur again this season with the Barns, and the Red-rump follows suite.

well, hopefully…??!!

I think it’s pretty likely these Barns would be the same individuals as last season, as regular checks of the 2017 Newell Beach site have still revealed no Barns at all.

but having said that, now is about the time of January that we got the Barns arriving at Newell Beach last season, so who knows, maybe there is still more Barns (& hopefully, more Red-rumps too!!) to arrive in the coming days…

last evening’s total swallow count perched on the wires at the site was:
1 Red-rump, adult;
14 Barn, adults, & imms/juvs;
4 Welcome, adults;
2 Tree Martin, adults;
19 Fairy Martin, adults, & juvs.

cheers for now,

martin cachard,

solar whisper wildlife cruises,
daintree river,

& trinity beach, cairns

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