NSW ORAC Website

I am writing to let you know that NSW ORAC now has a website which can be accessed at www.nsworac.org/


The website includes a comprehensive Index of Cases which includes all NSW reports that have been submitted to NSW ORAC and BARC both accepted and not accepted, and also includes known reports of rare species for which no submission was made. Most of these latter reports are shown at the end of the Index of Cases as not confirmed/not assessed but some have case numbers since, in the early days of NSW ORAC, case numbers were sometimes assigned when a sighting was claimed but which was not followed up with a submission. The Index of Cases can be searched by species names, dates, sites, etc and there is also a downloadable PDF version.


The latest revision of the NSW ORAC Review List is on the site as a PDF file and the URR Form is on the site as a downloadable Word document which can be used to prepare submissions to the committee.


We hope that this site will be a useful resource for the NSW birding community and, if you have any questions concerning the site and its content, please let me know.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Greg McLachlan and David James for the considerable time and effort that they inputted into the production of the website – it is very much appreciated.



Roger McGovern

Secretary NSW ORAC  


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