Night warblers

Thanks for all the suggestions to my question about ‘night warblers’.

The last few mornings, at Yamba, I have made a mental note of the calls and
found that the structure is slightly different each morning. The calls each
start off with (pardon the ‘phonics’) a ‘chop’ ‘chop’ then, this morning –
‘wow, wayerko, rhythm’ ie about 6 separate notes. Yesterday morning the
second part of the call was slightly different. What I thought was a softer
repeat of part of the chorus I now think another bird chorusing just after
the warble is finished.

I am surprised many more birdos haven’t heard these calls, but then again,
most sensible humans are asleep at that hour of the morning.

The consensus of opinion seems to be that these night warbles are made by
Pied Butcherbirds.

Thanks again


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