New Survey – KBB Bird of the Year 2018 – Please Vote


I had to scrap the previous survey and create a new (duplicate) survey as not everyone’s vote was being tallied. So if you voted already, please vote again. To vote go to: . Complete the survey by March 10th, 2018.

Why are we voting? To celebrate the 2018 Year of the Bird. A drawing of the The “Bird of the Year”, by local artist Gary Lyon, will be used throughout the year on the KBB website, event postings (e.g., flyers), emailings, a decal, etc.. Survey results will be posted on our website at:

The four nominated for Bird of the Year 2018 are:

Semi-palmated Plover (Photo by Randy Weisser)

Sandhill Crane (Photo by Nina Faust)

Downy Woodpecker (Photo by Robin Edwards)

American Dipper (Photo by Michelle Michaud)

Please vote,
Thank you,

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