Nepal – a great place for birds along with spectular scenery and interesting people – ADVERTISMENT

Over the years I have seen on Birding-Aus many reports on birding trips to
various overseas countries but very few on Nepal. I have just returned from
Nepal and I would rate it as one of the more interesting of the 50 odd
countries I have birded in. Roly Lloyd & I saw 347 species between us in 15
days. However, in addition to the spectacular scenery of the Himalayas, it
was the quality of the birds that was so impressive eg Himalayan Monal –
Nepal’s national bird (10), Satyr Tragopan (4), Blood Pheasant (2) and
Grandala (30+) are all spectacularly attractive birds where the
illustrations in the fieldguides do not do them justice, along with Snow
Pigeon, Himalayan Buzzard, Honeyguide, Bristled Grassbird, Rufous-rumped
Grassbird, 5 rose finches, 10 woodpeckers, 2 bullfinches etc, etc, etc. We
also saw 20 different ‘animals’ including 12 rhinos (Rhinocerous unicornis)
and a beautiful sloth bear with young.

Undoubtedly, it was a very competent birdguide that got us so many birds and
many with great views. Thus I would recommend Shankar Tiwari as a guide for
anyone planning to go to Nepal (apart from knowing how to find the birds &
where to find them he is great company as well). You can contact him at
email:> internet: ; alternatively you
can email me for more details.

Bob Sothman, Adelaide

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