Mystery Birds


With all this being at home business I decided that I would start something that was long overdue… sort through all my photos. Starting with a huge digital library of birds I soon realised that I had a number of birds that I couldn’t positively identify. So I thought I would enlist everyone’s help and make it a bit of a challenge… no doubt not a challenge to all but at least a way of using our time at home on birds rather than doing jigsaw puzzles.

I have posted the first of the unknowns on my website “Aware Litus”,  not too difficult… may create some discussion. Please if you wish to identify the bird can you put your answers into the comments section of the blog rather than replying to this email and include a few stories on how you identified it, where you see this bird if you have and any other interesting comments… just to entertain our time at home a little.

I’ll add the next one in a few days…

The web address is 

PS: My website is still in the development stage so please excuse the layout etc.

Chris Shaw

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