mystery bird on YouTube. No mystery.

And who trusts things on utube? People splice in stuff from all over. Just because these stones are found in Romania does not mean only Romania. At 4:08 minutes the narrator (it is quite a strain to keep up with him), says that these stones are found elsewhere mentioning amongst other places e.g. Wyoming, that is western USA, and clearly within the range of Steller’s Jay. So a bit of extra film slotted in there. Nothing odd there.


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1.07 minutes into this video on Trovants (a peculiar form of sandstone
boulders found in Rumania), there is an appearance of a bird I can’t
identify. I would say it definitely isn’t a European bird and looks more
like a S American sub-oscine.

A screen-capture is here:

But you might get more detail by watching the video.


John Leonard

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