Last Thursday after a halfhearted effort of trying to photograph Logrunners
on a cloudy day with misty rain under the canopy at ” O’Reilly’s”, Lamington
National Park and after some grainy efforts I was showing a Sydney couple
where the squeaking noise was coming from that they had heard.

The noise was coming from a nest of Yellow-throated Scrubwrens whose young
had an insatiable desire for food and were telling the world of their need.

I had taken some shots of the parents feeding them from the board walk
earlier in the day and was heading back to the car after watching a pair of
Bassian Thrush collecting moss off a large boulder and carting it to their
nest they were building in a Birds Nest Fern when I was asked what the noise

While talking to them two birds arrived high up in the trees and dropped
down to perch a few feet away at the nest level, I was surprised to see they
were two colored female Logrunner’s having only seen them before at ground

Took several photos and they just hopped around from branch to branch when
suddenly one flew to the nest and hung at the entrance, three open mouths
appeared and it grabbed one, pulled it out by the bottom of it open beak and
was gone with the other frantically following.

The Scrubwrens re-appeared and continued feeding the remaining two, but I
felt the raiders would soon return.

Is this a normal procedure ???

The guides at the park said they had never heard of it before, Catbird,
Drongo, Currawong, Butcherbird etc yes, but Logrunner never.


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