List of recently extinct bird species (World)

Hi all,
This is interesting and worth a look:
Many in Australia and NZ. Including ssp.
Most extinctions are the result of humans.
It’s Wiki so there will be some error (even the best of you have misidentified a bird in your time!). 
Anyone still around that saw the Cave-nesting masked owl on the Nullarbor?
Many have deeper links, for example:
 – Tasmanian emu “In 2018 the Austrian Natural History Museum in Weina displayed a taxidermed Tasmanian emu”.
 – Kangaroo Island emu: “It was discovered in 1802 by Matthew Flinders and reported to be quite common around Nepean Bay“. “Only existing skin of this subspecies, Natural History Museum of Geneva” 

Perhaps the Australian Museum (and Birdllfe Aus) can get the specimens out here (and put one of their night parrots on display).
Use Control F (or Apple Command F) and type country, gives you a count and easy to search by country.
Charles Hunter

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