Lightning Ridge.

I have just had a few days in Lightning Ridge N S W and found that the drought has decimated several varieties

of birds, but there were an enormous amount of Diamond Doves, White-winged Trillers, Mallee Ringnecks,

and hundreds of Rufous Songlarks, they were everywhere in groups of dozens, with the males singing vigorously.

Quite a few Blue Bonnets, Bugies and Red-winged Parrots and three varieties of Woodswallows everywhere you went.

Lots of parrots and pigeon feeding on the spilt wheat along the roads.

I photographed some Rainbow Lorikeets in town and was told by a local they had just arrived the last few months, does anyone know if this is right ??

Michael Morcombe‘s book doesn’t say they have spread that far west in N S W .

Barney Enders


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