last id – yellow spotted or graceful

Dear List,

Going through our bird lists, this is the last bird from Australia we
have not been able to identify.

It is either a Yellow-spotted Honeyeater or a Graceful honeyeater.

We saw it in March on the Jindalba walk in Cape Tribulation (just north
of the Daintree ferry).

It was moving around a lot and we don’t remember it’s call.

We are confused because some tips say you can use the yellow cheek spot
to differentiate, and compared to some drawings, it seems to be a
Yellow-spotted Honeyeater. Other places say that the cheek spot can’t
tell you anything.

Could anyone help us out here?


P.S. My wife really misses Australia, and she says hi (she’s looking
over my shoulder, eagerly awaiting help from all the experts out there).

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