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Classical Latin pronounced both ‘c’ and ‘g’ as hard letters. ‘Ker or Ger’. Ecclesiastical Latin used by the Catholic Church for the last millennium as is modern Italian is spoken, changes both the ‘c’ and the ‘g’ to ‘ch’ and ‘jer‘ if they followed by an ‘i’ or a ‘e’.

Take you pick how classical you wish to be. Personally ‘jerigon‘ is my preference as it reflects the way it is spelt and we all tend to use the the way we first learn something (reading a book for me) as normal. Pronunciations should not be used as an expression of superior knowledge and therefore entry to the “club”… language needs to grow.

Either way words and their pronunciation are constructs for one species (us) to communicate with one another. It could just be a case of “monkey hear… monkey talk”.

Those beautiful little birds are what is important, but thanks for the replies… I have enjoyed the ideas.

Yesterday I spent a relaxing afternoon at Brown’s Road, Monarto on the eastern flanks of the Mount Lofty Ranges. It was a warm still day giving a welcome taste of the approaching springtime. I got clear views through my spotting scope of a pair of Diamond Firetail’s sitting high on a dead tree. These gorgeously colourful and pattered birds are often seen there… lets hope they don’t become Diamond Finches…

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Experts possess more data than judgment.
COLIN POWELL, attributed, Doing Business in the New Latin America

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