How we hear birds

Try to describe the call of a Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike. I did once in my book “Common City Birds”. When I read it now I think it’s awful!

The bird call descriptions in the field guides are so subjective. That’s why we have the apps.

According to my stats page, about a third of the visits to my website are people listening to the sound.

Unfortunately, unaided , iPods and phones don’t reproduce the very low or very high frequencies very well – you need to use earphones or a good quality speaker.

For most people, particularly males, what you hear is age related. I can only hear now up to about 6 kHz. So much for grasswrens!

With human speech, I have difficulty with people who gabble – speak really fast – I hear them OK but maybe the processor in my brain is also getting old.

Anybody know where to have neurons renovated??

Graeme Chapman

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