Head pressing by Eastern Rosellas

Once again we have Eastern Rosellas nesting in a box next to our lounge room wall. This year we have again observed a puzzling behavioural pattern by the nesting couple. The lengthy process of nest selection (we have two boxes in the backyard) involves much 'head pressing' where the bird presses its forehead on the box, around the box, around the house walls near the box and particularly on the awning strut, near the box, where they perch. This behaviour is mainly done by the male but both are involved. Now they have started laying the male still head presses when he perches on the strut awaiting the incubating female to emerge.
In my ignorance I think that this may be some sort of territorial marking – such as smearing some substance from glands in the skin of the forehead and by doing so laying claim to the nesting area.   
I would appreciate your considered opinions. 
Thanks   Geoff 

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