HANZAB volumes, nocturnal birds folio &others for sale

Hi birders

I’m sure the powers that be will excise this from the record if it’s
inappropriate … but I have the quality remnants from my formerly much
larger ornithological library that I would like to liquidate. I gave
lots away for free a few months back, but these are in a different
league! I very rarely pick them up much less consult them, but I’m sure
they’d find more use somewhere else. I’ll convert the cash into another
camera or pay down some bills :-)

The titles are listed below. May I suggest that you look at the market
prices on something like www.bookfinder.com and then make me a
reasonable offer if you’re so inclined. The books are at home in
Kyneton, central Victoria, but can easily come to work with me in Melton
during the week. Some are very heavy/bulky and postage would be pricey,
but not out of the question. All the books are in very good to fine
condition. The nocturnal birds in full Morocco leather binding is
superb. Both that title and the fairy-wrens are large folios and still
have their individual cardboard shipping cases with them.

Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds: Volume 6:
Pardalotes to Shrike-thrushes Handbook of Australian, New Zealand &
Antarctic Birds. Volume 5 Tyrant-flycatchers to ChatsHandbook of
Australian, New Zealand & Antarctic Birds. Volume 4: Parrots to
DollarbirdSchodde et al. 1980. Nocturnal Birds of Australia Schodde et
al. 1999. Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines 1st EditionSchodde
et al. 1982. The Fairy-wrens.

Dr Lawrie Conole

PO Box 155
Melton, Victoria 3337

0419 588 993

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