Global Warming

Dear All,
It goes without saying that anyone exposed to its effects
in the field, knows that Global Warming is very real. The naysayers, mostly motivated by economics, politics or just complete denial of the evidence like the rapid rise in CO2 levels paralleling human activity, ie ignorance, claim that it is a natural cycle and changing our behaviour won’t make any difference.

The Economic imperative, the “hip pocket nerve” vote, motivates politicians. Only changing that vote will effect change.

Every little bit counts. To suggest that Birding organisations don’t contribute to the argument is grossly counterproductive. Few organisation have changing that vote as their primary raison d’être. If every organisation and individual has their say, the Government is more likely to listen.

In particular the evolution and development of very low emission power sources (natural gas is NOT one of these) will eventually prevail, but may be too late, (and in many cases, is already), to prevent accumulating disaster.

(The underlying problem is population growth. In Oz that unfortunately underlies much of our economic success, thus the “one for you, your spouse and Country” and high migration policies. Great Economic policies but, apart from habitat loss, until pollution free power prevails, NOT GOOD for the Environment.)

Every single voice “matters”.



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