FW: PS [AfricanBirding] ID of wader from Central Chad

Compared in size to the Snipe, a Curlew Sandpiper?!

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I’m herewith trying to include the picture in the message, rather than atach
it. This for those who have trouble signing into Yahoo.


Dear all,

We are looking for argued confirmation (or dissent!) of the ID of the
sandpiper next to the Common Snipe in the attached picture. Image taken
last week by Tim Wacher of ZSL in Ouadi Rimé Ouadi Achim Fauna Reserve in
central Chad. [For those interested: this is where the government of Chad
is re-introducing Scimitar-horned Oryx with assistance from the Sahara
Conservation Fund and other organisations.]

With my thanks for what you can do,

Kind regards, Joost

Joost Brouwer

Manager West African Bird DataBase, www.wabdab.org (in English and French)

Wildekamp 32, 6721 JD Bennekom, The Netherlands

ph. +31 318 41 34 68; mob. 06 44 737 086

e-mail BrouwerEAC@online.nl ; skype brouwerjoost




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