Fw: ORIENTAL REED-WARBLER heard at Lower Daintree, FNQ

the Oriental Reed-Warbler is still here, and still EXACTLY where I heard it singing more than 2 weeks ago…

on Tuesday 27/02/18, starting from 9:50am and up until about 10:25am, it sang sporadically…

and it then kept quiet for the rest of the day.

I didn’t manage to hear the bird at all yesterday…

and to all of you with an interest in whether I managed to get a voice recording of this bird singing or not, let me please advise you that yes indeed, I did.

and yes, another very experienced local birder who has heard this species singing in the ‘flesh’ before, has listened to this recording.

and upon hearing this recording, this observer instantly agreed with me that this bird IS indeed a DEFINITE Oriental Reed-Warbler !!

cheers for now,

martin cachard

solar whisper wildlife cruise,

daintree river, FNQ.

& trinity beach, cairns, FNQ

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