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Captive-bred Orange-bellied Parrots (OBPs) will be released at the Western Treatment Plant (WTP) in the next few weeks as part of a longer term strategy aimed at having flocks of OBPs in our coastal habitats. This work will complement the existing captive breeding and Tasmanian release program for the species. The project has been endorsed by the Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Team and will be delivered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Zoos Victoria, BirdLife Australia, Melbourne Water, Moonlit Sanctuary, Parks Victoria and the Tasmanian Government.
The birds will be released in an area that is off-limits to birders to minimise disturbance to the birds while they are in, or still dependent on, our temporary on-site release aviaries. We are asking that you observe any additional restrictions to accessing areas of the WTP this autumn/winter (e.g. track closures). If you happen to spot our aviaries, we ask that you please stay well clear of them. There is a real risk that the birds will injure themselves if startled in the confines of the aviaries, preventing their release. We will have staff on site attending to the birds the entire time they are in the aviaries.
Once the birds are released, we are hoping they will join with the wild birds and learn how to live in winter habitats. We are all hoping this release will be a successful start to a series of mainland releases in coming years, and that we will all once again have the chance to see a flock of OBPs using the habitats on, and near, the Western Treatment Plant.
Further information and publicity will be provided after the birds are out – stay tuned for more information then.
How you can help:
Please stay well clear of the aviaries if you happen to spot them.
As always, please give all OBPs on the WTP ample space to behave naturally. Their time here is an important period of the year when they need to stay safe and eat well in preparation for another migration and breeding season. With so few birds remaining in the wild, every individual is important.
Report OBP sightings at the WTP or nearby areas to Steve Davidson
Steve.Davidson@birdlife.org.auSteve.Davidson@birdlife.org.au> and Kristy Penrose kpenrose@zoo.org.aukpenrose@zoo.org.au>. Steve and Kristy will be our key people on the ground keeping track of the release group and any wild birds in the area.
Thank you,
Rachel Pritchard, Manager, OBP Mainland Release Trial Program
DELWP, Rachel.Pritchard@delwp.vic.gov.au

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