FW: Nikon D90

> I have a NikoD90 Coolpix, also known as P900, bought for about $700 and
> used preferentially to a Canon SLR, mainly because of its extreme zoom ,ie
> 83x, and am very happy with it.
> The main disadvantage is its weight, and at extreme zoom may have trouble
> focussing on say a birds eye, but have not checked the online manual in
> regard. It is great to ID a bird barely discernable through 8×32
> Take the zoom pic then blow it up to ID .
> It does take a steady hand at high magnification, or resting on a tree or
> car widow sill with engine off, (esp. diesels), or a tripod which defeats
> object of the exercise, might as well take a scope and digiscope if you
> really sharp pics for publication, but for otherwise it is great. I just
keep taking
> high magnification hand held shots until getting a reasonably clear one.
> I have a carrycase which is reasonably compact, takes three spare
> spare cards, and the supplied charging cable and small transformer as well
> the camera itself without adding significantly to its bulk.
> Relative to the equivalent SLRs it is dirt cheap.
> Cheers
> Michael

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