Freckled Duck/Blue-billed duck

Just letting those who are near Broken Hill NSW area know about sightings a friend and I saw today at Umberumberka Reservoir out near Silverton (Reservoir is roughly 8km from Historic town of Silverton) …Not too far from Broken Hill NSW
We had a spotting scope which helped
We parked at the very top of the car park which winds up to the right on the hill…

Straight out in front of the picnic area was a group of ducks on the opposite bank so, fair bit of water separating us
– Pink eared ducks we’re plentiful
– Hoary headed grebes
– Black Swans
– Australasian Shovelers
– Australian Shelducks
– even a Male Blue-billed duck and female was an exciting find (his beak was not as blue as normal, maybe coming out of Winter colour paleness/ had a small amount of blue than what I’m used to
– Freckled Duck was the surprise…😳
40+ of them/great views through the scope and the red on the beak…plus females

Just thought I’d let ya’ll know
(Message me if u want more details)

Kirri 👍🏼

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