Hi Paul,

January two years ago. we had a really outstanding 3 weeks in Ecuador with Field Guides, including a week at Sacha Lodge on the upper Amazon, and sixty plus Hummingbird spp. seen mainly at feeders around specific Birding Lodges around the country. Plus many many others such as an infinite variety of Tanagers and the remarkable Cock of the Rock.

We were guided ( by Willie Perez one of the best bird spotters of all time) so can’t advise on travel details, but you should find the names of the various lodges on the on the Field Guides’ website trip reports and take it from there.

Some of their guides do freelance, you could ask Field Guides or quiz the lodges.

One tip, unless you know that altitude sickness is not a problem for you, for a short trip avoid the higher elevations like Quito, It can be absolutely debilitating and sometimes need hospitalisation. We went 3 days early to acclimatise, took diuretics, just got by for a few days.

The Ecuadorean Andes are in parts like the Garden of Eden,

Have a great trip

Michael Hunter

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