Durikai State Forest via Warwick trip report

Had a great day out today at one of my absolute favourite birding locations – the Durikai State Forest between Warwick and Inglewood in Queensland, as well as a visit to the nearby Mosquito Creek Rd ( off the Cunningham Highway and opposite Lake Coolmunda) near Inglewood. Left at three am and John Hammond and myself were at one of the waterholes off the Cunningham Highway at Durakai just before light. To say that the area was buzzing with birds would be an understatement and we saw a total of 43 species including 11 species of Honeyeater during the day!!

Durakai State Forest is a significant area for Brisbane and SEQ birders as it appears to be the closest point for many dryer country birds, and at two and a half hours from Brisbane its manageable in a day.

Honeyeater species were Yellow-tufted, Yellow-faced, Fuscous, Striped, Black-chinned, White-naped, Scarlet, Brown-headed and White-plumed as well as Noisy and Little Friarbirds. This was the most different honeyeater species Ive had at the site and it was fantastic to see many of them coming in to drink at waterholes in the warm afternoon.

Other highlights including fantastic views of a number of Torquoise Parrots, Dusky Woodswallows, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Diamond Firetails, Yellow Thornbills and cracking views of many Little Lorikeets.

On Mosquito Creek Rd we dipped again on Squatter Pigeons despite an extensive search, but picked up the two regular specials on the road – Blue Bonnets and White-winged Fairy-wrens.

Lake Coolmunda held small numbers of birds but plenty of boats and campers!

Noteably few Raptors and waterbirds seen on the trip to and from Brisbane.

Havent done a full count but reckon about 70 different species for the day.

A great way to start the Easter break and birding spots I can thoroughly recommend.


David Taylor Brisbane


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