Crow school

Here the Torresian Crow fledglings are loudly out-&-about now. Driving down the mountain today, I came around the top bend of a long-S shape in the road, densely weedy either side. At the further end of my view was a cluster of crows on the road near the centre line, several of them pecking at the tarmac. Once I was clearly approaching, these then bounced into the air, & the others rowdied up, & away. As my car passed the spot I saw that there was no roadkill there, nothing to eat. It seemed strikingly as if the lead birds might have been showing the crowd a foraging place that requires vigilance against traffic. Then I remembered seeing this group-behaviour before where there was no visible forage.
One or two is the usual number of TCrows you’d see foraging rural roads here. 
SEQ 500m


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