Collared Sparrowhawks & Pied currawongs

Hi all I see in The Birds of Prey of Australia: A Field Guide by Stephen Debus (OUPA, 1998) page 90, he refers to the population explosion of Pied Currawongs in SE Australia as a potential threat to the Collared Sparrowhawk. Currawongs are “a predator and competitor capable of robbing and injuring adults and killing nestlings.” Stephen is an authority in this field and has a wealth of information. Currawongs have invaded Brisbane over the years and are nesting in the city. I have also recently found a Collared Sparrowhawk nest which has just been abandoned by the birds for reasons unknown. Does anybody have any information about Currawong/raptor interactions? It seems the currawongs are here to stay in Brisbane. Regards Andrew =============================== To unsubscribe from this mailing list, send the message: unsubscribe (in the body of the message, with no Subject line) to: ===============================

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