Canon 500mm series 1 F4 IS USM lens

Hi all…
I have my Canon 500mm F4 IS USM series 1 lens for sale…

I’m selling simply coz it’s just too heavy for my girly arms, even though I’ve used it many times and the images are still top quality…
I’m looking to save up for the 500mm series 2 version which is a little lighter for me.

I have a friend that’s interested but, I’m honestly not sure what price I should put on it…even though it’s an older lens…it’s well looked after and still has impeccable quality and sharpness Nd makes photographing wildlife and birds in particular effortless…
SO…anyone want to give me an HONEST value of what a series 1 lens is still worth these days?

And if any of you are interested in purchasing it let me know (if my friend decides not to purchase)

Thanks again

Kirri 😊
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