Budgie house husband

Re Lewins Rail family feeding chicks.

Some months ago we caught an escaped blue female budgie which had been chased by a Grey Butcherbird, kept her and bought a cockbird for company, they mated, we put in a nesting box and three noisy chicks hatched.
While moving them to a much larger cage, the hen escaped, leaving the three small chicks, blind and featherless and the male, who was distraught and continually calling for his mate.

She never returned and we had grave fears for the hatchlings who kept constantly calling for food.

The male, until them seemingly uninvolved with the chicks, came to the party after a couple of days of hopping around distressed by the constant “cheeping”, not knowing what to do, began feeding the chicks which have now, about two weeks later, fledged, running around and sticking their heads out of the nesting box, They should be independent in a few days.

Not sure, but it looks like the male”s blue cere is turning brown at the edges !



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