British Journals need new home

I have useful runs of two British publications which I would be pleased to donate to anyone who might be interested. They are as follows:-

IBIS (Quarterly Journal of the British Ornithologists Union)
Vol. 111 (1969) complete to Vol. 128 (1986). Vol. 137 (1995), Vols. 139 (1997) to Vol. 141 (1999) Note that Vols 112-122 are professionally bound, the remainder in quarterly parts

British Birds (Monthly Journal)
Vol. 50 (1957) through to Vol. 86 (1993) but missing the following 8 years 1965,1967,1968.1975-79. Note that the following volumes are bound 1957-1960 and 1963-1964, the remainder in monthly parts.

Pleased to give these away, you collect or pay postage. Must dispose of by 13th Oct.

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