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Dear All,

A while ago I asked everyone to submit their blog link if they had one.
I took all of those links and put them on the link page on my blog:

I ams still searching some of the links I’ve found in these blogs as
well so those will go up soon. Thanks everyone! I’ve seen lots of great
blogs on birds so far.

A bit of background on our own blog: my wife and I started out birding
in Australia and saw 295 species there (actually 296 is more like it,
though we never figured out whether we saw Yellow-spotted Honeyeater,
Graceful Honeyeater, or both! haha). We got that amazing opportunity
because I did a postdoc there in math.

Birding actually changed my career goals: I am now interested in
applying mathematics to conservation and wildlife because of birds. (I’m
not exactly there yet, but I’m working on it.)

We are originally from Canada and we moved back here about a year and a
half ago now. Canadian birding is a lot different than Australian
birding, that’s for sure! But we recently got to our 100th species in
Canada. That along with a trip to Jamaica brought us to 447 species now.

That’s not very high yet, but our goal is to get to 5000 birds in our
lifetime, and photograph them all. (So far, we have a pretty good track
record for that. We’ve only missed 3 species in our cameras.)

Happy birding!
Most sincerely,
Jason Polak

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