Australias best songster.

I used to think that the Sandstone Shrike-thrush was pretty hard to beat, but when the Little Shrike-thrush was recently re-instated as a full species, when I changed the listing on my website my attention was drawn to what an outstanding songster it is.

So my vote goes to a Little Shrike-thrush with Pied Butcherbird a close second.

You can listen to them easily on my website ( but to properly appreciate these songs, listen through a good speaker – don’t waste your time on a phone or an iPod.

No doubt there will be all sorts of opinions and who knows, someone might come up with something we have never suspected.

Not easy I know to compare songs like these that are loud and in your face so to speak with something like a songlark.

I’m not counting mimicry so that leaves out lyrebirds – that could be another subject!


Graeme Chapman

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