Alice Springs : Rufous-crowned Emu-wren/ Spinifex Bird/ Dusky Grasswren reports

On 1 March I requested the following information:
We will be making a visit to Alice Springs soon and I was wondering if anyone
has any recent (2017 ideally) observations for Spinifex Bird, Rufous-crowned
Emu-wren and Dusky Grasswren at any of the regular sites please.

As I heard nothing we searched some of the ‘Alice’ sites and I can at least indicate that all three species were present at the Santa Teresa 31.5km Spinifex ridge. The car tyre wedged in the pylon site! (as measured from the airport roundabout). A relatively easy site to cover from the road side or the track along the ridge to the ‘dump’ area. The Spinifex birds were very hard to see and were just over the high ground beyond the dump area when staying on the ridge.
The Emu-wrens were seen 3 times near the road and numbered about 12. The Grasswrens were also near the road.

Dusky Grasswrens were also at Simpsons Gap almost inside the gorge. Despite visits to most other locations in the books I would guess the Emu-wrens and Spinifex bird would be very difficult to see unless overnight camping was planned.
Hope this might useful to out of town visitors.
Matthew Rodgers.

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