African Olive

Hi All.

I was woken predawn at Avoca Beach NSW on Sunday by a remarkable chorus of contented whistles, chortles, clicks, snaps, rasps, hiccups, short songs and other bird noises emanating from a huge old African Olive outside the bedroom window.
It was laden with small fruit, unripened green and ripe black.

I identified Satin Bowerbird, King Parrot, Rainbow Lorikeet, Pied Currawong, Noisy Miner, Indian Miner in the tree, and a pair of Scrubfowl on the ground feeding on fallen fruit including green unripened “olives”,
may have missed others in the dark.

This at have been some kind of “feeding flock” of larger birds, none were there next day and they may have together moved on to other fruiting trees. Our tree still had plenty of fruit.

What were probably squabbling fruit bats, possums and maybe rats woke us through the night as well.

Although a noxious weed the tree has been spared,

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