Advice Please – what should a visiting British birder do?

Hi Nick,

Surely there are many other factors involved in planning a trip other than
birds. You have not indicated how much time (and money) you have in total
and what is your means of travelling around. For example how much time have
you allocated to the process of getting from one major location to another?
But that is up to you. As for birds, you only mention Regent Honeyeater. By
the way, it is not “Regent’s Honeyeater”. It was not named after someone
called Regent. There are many other birds to see at Capertee and Barren
Grounds than the Regent Honeyeater and your very small chance of finding
Regent Honeyeater at Capertee and Barren Grounds at a random short visit may
not be all that much better than your chance of finding Regent Honeyeater at
various places in Victoria (all of which are small chances). For example I
have seen many RH over the years but never at those two places, but that is
of course mainly because I have not been there much. Most have been around
Canberra because of where I have lived over the last 35 years.

If you go to Tasmania you should see most of the endemics there fairly
easily, and maybe if you are very good and lucky, all of them, plus several
other species that are hard to find on the mainland, rather than chase one
very rare and unpredictable species over a much wider area in NSW. As for
leave Capertee for another time, well again your choice but I would not base
the decision on your small chance to find one rare species after coming all
the way to Australia at this time or at a later date.


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