A Soar of Whistling Kites on the Bellarine Peninsula, Vic

Those who visit the Vic Birders FB page may have seen my post about a gathering of Whistling Kites soaring above our property on the Bellarine Peninsula. It was difficult to get an accurate number as some would disappear behind the Cypress Pines but I counted ten in clear view. At times some would come down to about 15m before soaring back up to above 100m.

A falcon flashed through their midst and but it was too high and flying too fast for me to identify but it was probably a Peregrine or Hobby.

There were large white and dark clouds and I believe that they were accompanied by favourable thermals.

About 15 minutes after the Kites dispersed, I noticed that some had returned, with the falcon and a Wedge-tailed Eagle. The Eagle then perched on our back fence for about ten minutes until the local Magpies noticed it and harassed it until it flew off.

It’s not a bad day for raptors … and this was all before lunchtime!



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