A little off topic?

But perhaps not as many birds eat small fish!

On Tuesday at least 200,000 tiny leatherjackets had washed up on Betka
Beach (about 5km South of Mallacoota). Yesterday we went further to
Shipwreck Creek (+12k South) and then a further 3km on to Seal Creek.
Today we walked from Savis Creek to Betka. All had a similar picture of
former Leatherjackets (and a few other spp of fish.

Assuming that all the other beaches in between are similarly covered we
have several million dead fish. Apart from anything else at 20 grammes per
fish (when alive) that is 20 tonnes of biomass (per million little fish)
that has vanished from the local environment.

Is anyone able to comment on this to explain what has happened and/or how
frequently it happens?

Martin Butterfield

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