Gilbert White anticipating a modern concept

I was reading the Natural History of Selbourne recently (as you do) and came across this in a letter of 7 Aug 1778: A good ornithologist should be able to distinguish birds by their air as well as by their colours and shape, on the ground as well as on the wing, and in the . . . → Read More: Gilbert White anticipating a modern concept

White-backed Swallow

I get to drive around the Flinders Ranges these days showing tourists through the gorges and these turned up after I’d dropped off some walkers and was on my way back to Rawnsley Park… Chris Shaw 409 675912www.ararelitus.comAfter the game, the King and the Pawn go into the same box.  – Italian proverb  . . . → Read More: White-backed Swallow

Devon Park Boundary Rd, QLD?

According to eBird, Devon Park Boundary Rd, Devon Park/Oakey QLD is a “hotspot” for White-winged Fairywrens.

I’ve never been there before, and Google Maps/Street View doesn’t offer any clues as to where we should go looking; can anyone offer any advice?

We’re staying at Bunya Mts. and were hoping to duck down . . . → Read More: Devon Park Boundary Rd, QLD?