Juvenile Black-faced Monarch…or somethng else?

Hi All I was birding in North Turramurra (a northern suburb of Sydney) today (Sat 16 Jan 2021) in an area known to hold Black-faced Monarchs at this time of year (and they are there as I saw an adult and heard another calling).  At one point I saw a bird that was the . . . → Read More: Juvenile Black-faced Monarch…or somethng else?

Black Falcon – Bellarine Peninsula

I have observed Black Falcons several times since we moved to the Bellarine Peninsula in 2017. They are usually flying overhead, singly or in pairs, and are often calling. Today’s sighting was a lot closer!

I was driving about 250m from home when my wife and I saw a Black Falcon perched by the side . . . → Read More: Black Falcon – Bellarine Peninsula

I Have A Knotty Problem


Hello Chris,


The bird in question is a Great Knot. Note the bill that is longer than the head (Red Knot bills are a similar length to the head), inter alia.



Drew Davison


From: Chris Shaw Sent: Friday, 15 January . . . → Read More: I Have A Knotty Problem

I Have A Knotty Problem

https://www.ararelitus.com/birds-1 Sorry about knot another bird ID question. Chris Shawseashore@internode.on.net+61 409 675912www.ararelitus.comExperts possess more data than judgment.COLIN POWELL, attributed, Doing Business in the New Latin America

Odd Pied Monarch plumage

I got my first sighting of a Plumed Monarch at Lake Eacham a few days ago. Alan Gillanders saw the photos and suggested I post them to see what people think about the rufous or worn plumage on the wings / tail.

You can see the images on Birding-Aus Facebook page:


Russell . . . → Read More: Odd Pied Monarch plumage

Mystery Bird – photo

Here’s a snap (only slightly more than 200kb) of the bird seen at Blackheath  Thoughts? Andrew Ross

Wedge-tailed Eagles and Power Vs Airspeed

Wedge-tailed Eagle is a large bird. It’s at its limits when taking off and the power vs airspeed graph may explain some of its shyness and other stuff. It may be even influential in Bergmann’s rule.As usual on my blog: https://www.ararelitus.com/birds-1 for those who like eagles as I do. Chris Shawseashore@internode.on.net+61 409 675912www.ararelitus.com

. . . → Read More: Wedge-tailed Eagles and Power Vs Airspeed

Houtman Abrolhos: tour recommendation please

Hello all, only now that we have well and truly buried 2020 I dare looking more closely at 2021, and what to do this year. The Houtman Abrolhos Islands, off Geraldton WA, have long been on my bucket list, actually since we are living in Perth, i.e. since 2005. This year the planets seem to . . . → Read More: Houtman Abrolhos: tour recommendation please

Hybrid Golden/Rufous Whistler?

Hi all Escaping Sydney last week we spent 5 days in Blackheath. While walking in the local bush we heard a Rufous Whistler calling. The bird was very accommodating in showing itself. Which was a problem. Because it had the distinctive black cap of a Golden Whistler.  And it seemed to be a black . . . → Read More: Hybrid Golden/Rufous Whistler?

Channel-billed Cuckoo aggregations


My most common CBC observation is a single bird calling in flight, with numerous instances of coordinated duos.

A while back I came across a group of 4 hanging out in a eucalypt and I was struck by their similarity with hornbills.

This morning I saw a combination of 7 CBCs (6 in . . . → Read More: Channel-billed Cuckoo aggregations