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I am fairly sure I know the answer to this question but I will ask anyway. Does anyone want or know some else who wants a multiple decade collection of Birdlife/Wingspan and New Zealand Birds.


It is time to clean the shelves and I hardly read the new editions . . . → Read More: Bird Magazines

Wood Duck behaviour

Seasons Greetings folks. I hope you are enjoying the year end.

We have a pair of Wood Ducks that periodically visit our back yard swimming pool. In addition to the expected the physical reminders of their visits, we also get the occasional egg left on the side of the pool.

My understanding is that . . . → Read More: Wood Duck behaviour

Fw: [WorldShorebirdsDay]: Promoting the Eurasian Shorebird Survey

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whatever your hobby, this is a Hobby

Hi Chris, your are excused, raptors can be difficult to separate. This one is a Hobby. I believe it is a juvenile judging by the underbody, which is missing the adult’s ‘arrowheads’. The head pattern is striking, no other Australian bird of prey has it. Nevertheless the Hobby may be confused with a Peregrine, but . . . → Read More: whatever your hobby, this is a Hobby

Christmas Raptor Wrap

My mystery bird for Christmas is this raptor I photographed above the Stuart Highway on my way to Newhaven back in 2011. I have made a wild bet (usually wrong) but I would appreciate your views and reasons so I can label it correctly… just in case it is something else… Regards Chris . . . → Read More: Christmas Raptor Wrap

Gluepot Notes

I jotted down a few notes about the birds I saw at Birdlife Australia’s Gluepot Reserve while doing a little bit of volunteering over a week during early December. Lot’s of Woodswallow’s continue around the Mallee and a few of their high flying aerial foraging confederates that are associated with weather fronts made an appearance . . . → Read More: Gluepot Notes

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 86, Issue 8

“Cat among the pigeons “.

Very appropriate re Oz bird vulnerability Phil.

Hope that going to Columbia doesn’t put you into the endangered category. ?

Best. Michael

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3 categories of THREATENED

Hi all, to my knowledge, which might be outdated, the following three main categories of THREATENED are international standard, i.e. are used in the IUCN Red List, Action Plan for Australian Birds, and others: critically endangered endangered vulnerable Near threatened appears to me to be what it says, i.e. nearly but not quite threatened. ‘Not . . . → Read More: 3 categories of THREATENED

Fwd: Threatened Birds in Australia

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Threatened Birds in Australia

I am preparing a talk for the Colombian Bird Fair and urgently need some data on the total of species in each conservation category, which seems to be remarkably opaque on the BirdLife sites and Threatened Bird Network sites. All I need know is how many in each category How many Critically Endangered CR? How . . . → Read More: Threatened Birds in Australia