sign of life

Sorry about the escaped start of a message! Towards the end of a bird poor year​           12.30 in Tromsø on 16 November, grey and drizzly and daylight is already fading; in a week’s time we’ll enter the ‘mørketida’, the 2 months that the sun does not rise above the . . . → Read More: sign of life

Needletail sighting Topaz

White-throated Needletail 15 on Nov 14 at 1730 flying rapidly about over paddocks in humid cloudy conditions at Old Boonjie Road, Topaz, FNQ, our first of the season. Pacific Swift one two days earlier Nov 12, belting eastwards and in Innisfail before I had time to call it out!  3 over Nerada Tea Estate Nov . . . → Read More: Needletail sighting Topaz

Needletail sighting North Maleny

G’day Michael,

I saw a flock of ~20 Needletails wheeling around North Maleny (Sunshine Coast hinterland, SEQ) at 6:45 am this morning. Weather was hot and clear.

Regards, Laurie

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